Friday, October 8, 2010

40 before 40

Next June I will be celebrating the big 40. I've never been one to focus on numbers but I must admit to feeling a little anxious about leaving my 30's. You see I remember quite clearly my Dad's 40th.... and yes at the time I thought he was... well... old. Is that me? It can't be!! To add fuel to my own fire there has been another major change in my life that has left me questioning that number. I am due to become a Mum again in April.... yes .... there is a baby in the making. I am 13 weeks pregnant (although I look about 5 months thanks to pathetic stomach muscles). We are very excited! The last few months have been spent going to bed at 8pm, napping during the middle of day (often bolt upright on the lounge after convincing the kids they should sit and watch a bit of TV with me) and eating like a horse (my way of keeping nausea at bay). Happy to see the back of that first trimester. Yes-sir-ee.

So with the April change coming around I started to put together a list of  incomplete jobs around the house that I wanted to finish before then. Let's face it, not much gets done when a little baby enters the house. While writing this list, I remembered the 30 before 30 list that Nicole of Making it Lovely put together. My list then morphed into 40 before 40.

1. Install bookshelves and a laptop  space (and unpack the gazillion boxes of books downstairs)
2. Get shelves made for the kids bedroom
3. Clean out the cellar
4. Install an external shutter on the kitchen window before summer
5. External blind for our east bedroom window
6. Install the kitchen rangehood (been in the box for 2 years)
7. Find a nursery chair (currently loving the Tessa T21 swivel chair by Fred Lowen)
8. Wallpaper our bedroom walls
9. Relocate my sewing room downstairs
10. Find a low line sideboard for the Lobby  update
11. Hang mirrors (in our bedroom & nursery)
12. Clean out & have a Garage Sale
13. Paint external doors
14. Ride my bike (been in storage for 5 years)
15. Go on a family holiday
16. Deliver a baby Quinn Alice
17. Prepare side yard for the kids swings
18. Minimum 4 date nights with my husband
19. Decorate the Nursery progress update
20. Make & donate a toy to Softies for Mirabel update
21. Plant fruit trees
22. Organise my magazine collection
23. Clean out the bathroom cabinets

24. Create a vegetable garden
25. Make a minimum of 5 handmade items for Xmas
26. Paint the front fence
27. Teach Ruby to sew
28. Play the piano more often
29. Paint the laundry and downstairs bathroom
30. Make Sachin's birthday crown
31. Family day trip to the Art Gallery
32. Plant a Xmas tree somewhere in the yard
33. Seal the concrete in the shed
34. Find a lamp base for Nana's lampshade
35. Finish the half made sofa covers
36. Make a dress for me
37. Organise a slide night to view Pa's old photos
38. Learn to use my camera on manual settings
39. Camp in our tent (at least one night)
40. Make a nut loaf in Nana's old tin

So there you go. That's my wee list. I'll be updating and crossing things off as I optimistically accomplish things over the next 8 months. Who knows, I may even manage to share the odd post about completed tasks if A. I find the energy and B. it seems interesting enough to share.

Maybe you have a list of things you'd like to get done. Jump on board! Share your list and we'll see if we can spur each other on :)


joyflea said...

I'm turning 40 this December and I see many things on your list that are also on mine. Except the delivering of a baby- I don't think I could recover from that again, the second time around knocked me for 6 when I was 31!
Congratulations. Now go and put your feet up.

kim @ stellacake said...

How exciting for you and your family - congratulations! I'm looking forward to watching you cross items off your list, but am too chicken to complete one of my own I think...

Gillian said...

Congratulations on your baby news and good luck with your list.

Bird Bath said...

great list and great news! Hope you fit in a fair bit of relaxation in between tackling the list...exciting times :)

magical_m said...

Congratulations on baby #3! I'll be turning 40 in June too so you've inspired me to create a 40 before 40 list too!

Mainichi said...

Fi wonderful news - and an awesome list too! So happy for you lot! Dxx


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