Saturday, February 12, 2011

#19 Decorate the Nursery

# 19 on the 40 before 40 list is coming together. At the moment I would say it is a collection of objects gathered in the room waiting to be styled. Last week I received 4 rolls of wallpaper ordered from UK Wallpaper after researching online and finding they had the best prices and international shipping. I've chosen a pretty Sanderson design from the PomPom range called Obi.

I like the fact that it has a large pattern but the colour palette is soft and subdued, which works well given it will feature on the largest wall in the room.

While this baby is number 3 for our family, she will be number 1 baby to reside in our current house. Lucky for me, this means I have a blank canvas when it comes to decorating the room (which has, for the last 2 years been my work room). The nursery will be made up of existing baby furniture (cot, change table), an ebay purchased single bed, a thrifted wardrobe, existing built in shelves (not shown), my upright piano (which will stay where it is - also not shown) and a yet to be purchased feeding armchair (still hoping to score a Tessa T21 on ebay).

The current plan of attack when baby comes home is for me to sleep in the nursery in the hope that the rest of the family avoid broken sleeps. Sounds good in theory anyway. Consequently we found the Queen Anne bargain bed (my sister and I had matching Queen Anne beds in our shared childhood bedroom) on ebay and plan to give it a lick of paint. I'm thinking glossy black may be the go. This room already has a lot of warm finishes (I promise to show more pics when it's finished) with the wall opposite the wardrobe exposed brick, and the wall behind clad in floor to ceiling timber panelling.

Other bits and pieces I have collected include this 1950's ballet print which hung in my grandparents house. I have always thought it was beautiful and when nobody else in the family seemed interested to inherit it I put my hand up.

This adorable rabbit is a made by Fiona of Hop Skip Jump. His name is Clarence. We first bonded when I shared a market stand with Fiona at Bowerbird Bazaar in March 2010. Seriously, everything she puts her hand to is delightful. Go see yourself!

If only I had the patience to learn how to knit. Mum is the resident knitter and specialises in these cute little booties. Hey, it's never too early for a first pair of moccasins and maryjanes :)

A little handmade bird mobile I received from Beruta while participating in this swap a couple of years back.

While cleaning out some old boxes (yes nesting has set in) I found this hand painted plaque. I felt like I opened a time capsule from the 1970's. This sweet ceramic wall hanging was made for me by a dear neighbour, Mrs Eblen, and hung on my bedroom wall as a youngster. I remember it had an olive green velvet ribbon around the edge (must have disintegrated over the years) so I think I will return it to it's former glory for our little girl to enjoy as I did!

So there you have it - my progress update on the nursery. 9 weeks left to pull it all together.

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Barb Fisher - Hopscotch said...

Love the wallpaper! The nursery is going to be gorgeous. Can't wait to see how it all comes together.
Good luck!


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