Tuesday, October 12, 2010

impatient harvesting

We've been watching our little produce garden grow now for a couple of months. Anyone would think we were green thumbs, but alas, I put it down to beginners luck. We've even been in a position to share the love and make up a few bundles of parsley & herbs for friends and family.... I know.... who would have thunk it???

All this excitement lead Ruby and I to the assumption that our baby carrots must be flourishing like our herbs...  so we took to the little patch with much enthusiasm and pulled those babies.

It was ever so exciting to see them come out of the ground, even better to see my five year old pulling them given she planted in the first place. 

Sadly, after washing and cooking we discovered that they were a little too premature and not quite sweet enough for our palette. Fortunately we have another 2 bunches which we'll patiently leave alone for a while longer. The back yard is starting to look like a blank canvas (this is good, as it means the weeds and junk are going) so we are getting closer to creating our dream veggie garden with fruit trees and a few chooks. First project will be to plant potatoes in the old tyres. Isn't Spring just the best season for getting motivated and productive!

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