Monday, September 27, 2010

KCWC | finished

I managed to finish the last and final bit of sewing for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. While the family were busy watching the Aussie Rules Football Grand final on Saturday I sneaked off to my sewing room and finished these shorts. Mind you, it was not my best of sewing days. Lots of unpicking, ripping, breaking needles (then having to go to the shop for replacements) and when I thought it was all finished, somehow I'd made the waist band about 2 inches too big!! Of course I had sewn the elastic in and had to unpick the entire band. You know, one of those sessions when it takes twice as long as you know it should. But here they are (creased & un-ironed).

The hem is kind of unfinished as my model was unavailable at the time. They are temporary zigzagged waiting for the length to be determined at some stage in the future. The pocket design comes from this tutorial and was not as difficult as I imagined. Next time I will try to use a shorts or pants pattern with a separate waist band so the top of the pockets can be sewn into the seam - I think they would look better that way.

I tried to capture a photo of Sachin wearing his shorts (he does love those pockets) and this was it. One frame. Thanks for coming. Got more important things to do Mum!!


Esther said...

Love the shorts !

K.D. Mullen said...

I love the contrast pockets on this! How cute!


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