Friday, November 19, 2010

#20 softies for mirabel

There's not been a whole lot of toy making going on at the moment, but these guys took priority. It was getting closer and closer to the "Softies for Mirabel" end of November deadline, so I think I've managed to allow just enough time to package and post them over to Pip in Melbourne. She will be displaying all of the donated creations in her shopfront window from Dec 1 - Dec 7, so if you're in Melbourne pop by for a gander. Don't worry, if you're not, you can check them out here.

The Mirabel Foundation is an organization that provides help to kids who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their Mum or Dad's drug addiction. All of the donated handmade toys will be thoughtfully matched up with the children and gifted for Christmas. Yay! 

(another item completed on the 40 before 40 list...)

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