Sunday, July 13, 2008

ciao green

Farewell to green week (6 week Colour Challenge).... oh yeah it has been fun! Then again, how could it not be when it's my favourite colour. Having said that these utensils were a little more challenging as I find purple one of the hardest colours to work with. Mmmmm.... maybe we should have had a purple challenge week???

This coming, and sadly final week of the challenge will be another favourite for me - Pink. I'm sitting here looking at a pink & green stripe cotton on my shelf and it's calling out for a pair of boys pants. I know that sounds weird as you're thinking "pink"? for a boy... what is she thinking??? It's a dusky pink with racing car green. I'm hoping to give it a try. Firstly however I have to get around to see Mum to borrow a super easy pattern she has for boys summer pants. Elastic waste, 2 seams & cuffs. Sounds simple in theory!
I'd just like to say congrats to the other participating colour challengers who have joined me in this week by week journey. It has been great to share our interest in crafting/creating and give a little encouragement & inspiration to each other along the way. Thankyou all for your supportive comments, I have enjoyed reading each and every one of them.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, fun! I LOVE all of your handmade goodies. :)

treasurefield said...

That purple and green together is SMASHING!! :)

We will definitely have to do this again, okay? I think a few colors got slighted. ;)

Wishing you much colorful creativity; thanks again for hosting the adventure!!


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