Saturday, June 7, 2008

colour my week

I found this fabulous book in the Etsy shop A Little Goodness and it inspired me no end. Look out, here comes my typical complaint.. "if only I had more hours in the day!" I'm starting to feel the desire to learn how to sew clothes and these designs and beautiful photography certainly got me dreaming. I also found these over at Katie Did. That little jacket & "heidi" shirt & pinafore are adorable. Maybe over the next few weeks I might give it a go?? (I've put that in writing now).

So I've got this idea. To make my sewing world even more fun & challenging over the next 6 weeks (alright...honestly...maybe it's also an attempt to minimise my terrible procrastination) I'm going to do this.........
This week (starting Mon 9th June) I will be only sewing in BLUE. All creations will be posted (the good, the bad & the ugly) for your perusal and comment, and the winning designs will hit my Etsy store. Each subsequent week will have a colour assigned in this order.


As much as I have a soft spot for black, I have excluded it from this challenge. However, here is my token black contribution. It's a very funky Karlsson Clock given to us by my sister as a farewell gift when we left Melbourne. I love it!


Jo said...

That sounds like fun! Count me in!

Bethany said...


Rachel's Aprons said...

Count me in as well. Sounds like fun! I have blue items. RachelsApronsis my etsy user name. Thanks

Nicky said...

I saw your colour challenge on Jo's blog and would love to join... it might help me out of this mojo block that im in :D


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