Saturday, July 12, 2008

a good thrift

Inspired by Linaloo I had a wonderful outing this morning leisurely meandering through thrift stores (obviously without little people) and bought home some treasures. Above are 2 little egg warmer houses purchased for 20cents each - who wouldn't fall in love with them?

vintage linen & buttons

wool blanket for ruby's bed

winter sheet set which looks great with the blanket

.... and my favourite... this beautiful vintage opera coat. I'm not the best photographer so the photo really doesn't do it justice but the fabric is a turquoise blue shot silk. It also came with a dress but that didn't fit me so has gone into the fabric stash for a future project. I still can't believe the set (dress & coat) cost me a total of Aus$7.50 (which is about US$8).


treasurefield said...

Very lucky finds!
Those little egg warmer houses are too cute!
I popped into a thrift shop the other day with not as much luck. I did find a 100% cotton bed sheet. Do you know how hard those are to find?
Here's to successful thrifting! ;)

Urbanknit said...

the colour is fab


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