Tuesday, July 15, 2008

here she is

Our 1957 Diamond in the Rough

As promised here are a few pics of our new house (or should I say "new to us" house). While we're a little apprehensive about the amount of work we have ahead of us, it's mostly excitement. I'm itching to get my hands on this lovely lady. The interior is in original condition right down to the carpets (which I love but don't think I can live with), so we'll be trying to keep the character & charm that she was designed with. The thing that most appeals to me with houses of this era is the large windows and large rooms, of which we have plenty. The floor plan layout also suits us perfectly, with bedrooms all together on a split level between the upstairs living areas and downstairs playrooms.

We have a 90 day settlement so will be spending the next couple of months planning & designing the refurbishment. I've been out of my professional career as an Interior Designer for 3 years now while at home with the kids. Unfortunately, as a consequence I've lost the contacts & knowledge I had with regard to suppliers, contractors & products (also moved to a new state) so I'll be needing to devote some serious time to researching and haggling. As I go I'll try to share some of the best finds with you.

We renovated our last house during the winter while living there (including major structural works) which was a memorable experience. Lets just say we won't be going there again, especially this time with the addition of 2 toddlers. The plan is to complete the changes before we move in, with the expectation we will have our first Xmas there this year. Woohoo!!


Anonymous said...

One of the coolest houses I've ever seen! So awesome!

Bird Bath said...

What a stunning house...it will respond beautifully to a reno, esp with your professional experience. Look forward to seeing it evolve.
Our house is of this era too - but quite a bit smaller. the windows are my favourite feature.

Jo said...

She looks like a lovely house, with lots of space! Have fun with the designing!

Hot Fudge said...

Thank you for sharing your new house with us. I know you will do wonders with it and look forward to seeing how you transform it into your own. The house has such good bones and I can understand why you fell in love with it.

I also love the retro opera coat you showed a couple of posts back. I had a similar coat way back in my youth that my mother (a dressmaker) made for me, with a powder blue floating chiffon ballerina dress underneath - so your coat brought back wonderful memories.

Can't wait to see the pink and green boy's pants!

treasurefield said...

And I see what you mean about the carpet. Wow!
Sounds like a very fun project; hope everything goes smoothly.

I have really enjoyed the Colour Challenge! I'll be popping back in to see the *colours* you decorate with!

fede said...

Thanks all for being so positive about our lovely lady :) I get the keys this Wednesday and can't wait to spend a few hours there and let it all sink in!!

Kel said...

Really great bones. bring on the Parker sideboard and chairs!

katie said...

my mouth dropped when i saw these pictures- such a beautiful mid-century home! good luck with renovating, i can't wait to seethe with envy when you post about the progress.


What a gorgeous house Fiona! I see such potential! The space is wonderful, lots of natural light and I love the existing look of this 1950's home! I totally understand about the suppliers and contacts.. Goodluck and I can't wait to see it completed!


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