Saturday, May 12, 2012

they may be scraps for some...

...but not for others!

I've been replenishing my scrap fabric collection lately.

Found these lovelies at the Bowerbird Bazaar market from Surface Art. The first thing that comes to mind is a skirt for moi.... I think one of pieces is large enough to do a front panel... oooh....could be a goer.

Then I was super dooper lucky to win these Maze and Vale handprinted pieces by the clever Leslie Keating over on her blog. Oh yeah, I was pretty chuffed. She seems to always add a little extra to the package, like this a few years ago. Last week she threw in the linen circle brooch. So sweet. Thanks Leslie!

Goodbye and adios to this collection of toys. They're heading off to a new retailer here in Adelaide. Will let you know more when they are in store :)

Wishing all the mums and grandmas a lovely day for tomorrow xx

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