Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've been dreaming about bathrooms

dappled light and dark walls

natural finishes

continuity of bath joinery and vanity gives a clean line

around the room

floating timber grain cabinet and stone basin

low dividing shower wall

timber and white - clean and simple

It's time for our bathroom to get a makeover. Now that I have started to look at all these modern spaces I can only see the flaws in our old 1957 time capsule bathroom. I had hoped that one day we could rebuild the room to resemble a modern day version of the fifties style, but alas, it will not be. I long for a simple, bright, practical, easy to clean room. No pink, no blue, no teeny tiny tiles on the floor with stained dirty grout , no more dribbly pathetic shower rose, no more mouldy shower curtain, bad ventilation, poor lighting, no no no. I will continue to dream and hope that one morning when I walk in for a shower the bathroom fairy will have worked her magic!


Susan said...

Coolest bathroom is a desire & 2 get dat,,, u hv 2 contact some interior guy... :)

Bathroom Designers

Chapter Forty said...

When the bathroom fairy is done at your place send her over to mine. We have a 1967 brown, dark, tiny sized, mould tiled bathroom that's lost its novelty factor

fede said...

Oh I'm hearing you!! Totally happy to share our fairy when she arrives :)


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