Tuesday, April 24, 2012

remember these? note to self...

While thinking about the future of my blogging life (yesterday) I decided to reflect on some of the past entries and found myself reminiscing (hence the decision to keep at it - writing this blog, that is). I found these cushions in the archives, which I had long forgotten about. I am featuring them today to remind myself to get back to making cushions like this. I feel the need for a change in direction for a while. I changed my hair. Tick. Now I need to reinvigorate my sewing experience as I have lost my mojo.... yes again!

Like to also try another one of these shirt cushions, buttons, pockets and all.

More memory cushions would be great gifts for family - there is no lack of material to work with!


leslie said...

fiona, you won! you won! okay, so it's not a million dollars but some rejected handprinted fabric? ITS YOURS. : ) email me your address and i'll pop it in the post on monday xx

magical_m said...

Oooh I love those cushions! I'm a total novice at sewing, but I made my first cushion yesterday (with the assistance of a friend who very kindly schooled me in the use of her sewing machine). I really like the one where you've used completely different fabrics - mind if I borrow the concept?! :)


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