Monday, April 23, 2012

dear blog,

The thought of stopping you crossed my mind this morning. I was thinking that it hardly seems worth the effort to post, considering it is so random and with no clear direction. In January 2008 when we first started, I really had no idea where it would take me - no expectations. It was fun and I enjoyed keeping a record of my thought processes and life happenings. At no stage do I want to feel like this is a drag, and if so, then that shall be the end. So I rationalised the situation and decided that continuing is worthwhile, even if, for purely selfish reasons, it is just for myself to look back on in years to come and remember where life took me. I hope you too have no expectations and can come along for the haphazard ride, as that really is what it is like to know me in real life! I'm a loyal friend - honest and real - but not always around. I slip off the radar, forget to return messages, often don't answer my phone and don't check in as often as I know I should. My dearest and longest friends know that there is no ill intent and it's nothing personal. They also know that the next time we chat, it will seem like we only saw each other yesterday. Thanks for understanding. Fi xx
PS. We have a lot to catch up on - promise I will fill you in soon ;)

PPS Do you like my new do? Gone back to red, haven't been there for several years!


Barb Fisher - Hopscotch said...

I love hearing what you are up to, even if it's only sporadically!

Oh, and totally digging the new do! I would like to do something similar to mine. Had short hair years ago and still really miss it.

kim said...

;) ditto.

and, love the hair. x

fede said...

To Barb and Kim - thankyou! With your support I shall soldier on ;) xx


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