Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh dear!

Hello! How are you? It's been a while between drinks. Nothing personal ;)

It's always hard to know what to share when it's been so long since checking in. I'm not very good at working out priorities, never been a strength of mine. In fact I tend to get caught up in the small detail which is often of very little significance, but there you go, you probably didn't really need to know that. Oops.

So.... getting back to much more interesting things.

I have been having a fling with Pinterest.

Yes, I am over there having a wow of a time. Seriously, what can be more fun than creating pinboards for all the lovely things, ideas and inspirations that one finds online? It has always been a dilemma of mine to know where to store these so I could find them later - bookmarking never seemed to work for me - it's just not visual enough! Feel free to follow my pins here or send me your email and I can invite you in as a friend.

I have had a few evening dates with my sewing machine and finally brought to life a new design (which has been floating around in my head for a couple of years). Introducing...the Stop Light. Tada.

Oh and also a golf club and retro tool set for good measure.

Of course you can still check out my toys on Etsy but now, in addition, if you are in Australia you can also find me at Down That Little Lane. I am fortunate to have been invited to sell my wares in this delightful little online store run by Tessa White. Seriously, if you love all things unique and desirable, this is a one stop shop!

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Gillian said...

Following your pinning. My love of pinterest ebbs and flows much like my love for blogging actually. And yours too it would seem!


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