Monday, February 13, 2012

sunday | cricket + fairies

Yesterday afternoon we packed our bags and jumped on the train to the city (Adelaide, South Australia) where we parted ways - his and hers.

The boys turned left up King William Street and joined the swarming green and gold crowd heading to the cricket - a one day match between Australia and India at the Adelaide Oval. I felt excited for Sachin as it was his first time to such a big event. In typical Sachin style he took it all in his stride and gave me the "what's the big deal Mum?" look. We have been talking about his namesake, Sachin Tendulkar batting for India, but unfortunately he didn't play. Now I wasn't there, but rumour has it that there was not much cricket watched but plenty of colourful people and atmosphere to soak up. The photos seem to support that story.

We ladies continued along North Terrace and took a left turn into the South Australian Museum, where we spent the next hour on a guided tour with Miss Ruby. She seems to have a strange fascination with an archaeology exhibit displaying the many layers of the earth's floor, in particular, the layer of rubbish that has been left behind over the last 10,000 years. Along the way we "didn't" look at the giant squid 7 times because it is very scary, but seemed to keep passing it. Ruby conjured up enough braveness to check out the Egyptian room for the first time but kind of freaked out over the mummies. Can't blame her, they are quite spooky, especially when you are a big Scooby Doo fan with a vivid imagination! In need of food, we hit the lawn out front of the Museum for snacks and let little Quinn out of her stroller to stretch her legs.

Fuelled and ready to go again, the next stop was the Botanical Gardens. We were on a mission to find the Rainbow Fairies. Apparently, our friend Lexie has seen them there. We inspected many flowers, looked under rocks, in holes, under leaves and in the trees. We even checked out the giant water lillies but those fairies were not ready to be seen. However as we left the gardens to go home, Ruby whispered to me that she did see one of the fairies. Bet you can't guess which one?!?!?

Yep. It was Ruby the Red Fairy. "For real" !!

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