Saturday, October 15, 2011

KCWC | 90 minute shirt

This is the second 90 minute shirt I've made and sadly it didn't fit quite as well as the first version. I'm sure if I had the time and inclination to tweak it a bit more I could eventually get my pattern to fit better. The actual making of the shirt is really very simple and would take no time at all once you knocked out a few - it's getting the neckline shape that takes the time. Anyways, the boy is super dooper happy with the finished product (infact it could look and fit like a dog's breakfast and he'd still be happy because it has his all time favourite thing on the front). I've gone with a raw look by keeping the edges un-hemmed and purposely made my running stitch around the arms and neckline a little wonky.... seriously's the grunge look!

So there's one day left to finish the KCWC and I have one more item to make for child number 3 which is very ambitious given the time, but I'll give it a go. Be back in a couple of days.

In the meantime check out what the other KCWC sewers have been up to in the flickr group.

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