Friday, June 25, 2010

more kids winter sewing

Still practising on the clothes sewing front. I finally got around to trying the 90 minute shirt which challenged me a little but I got there in the end. I incorrectly drafted the neckline which came out way too big. After some unpicking, cutting & re-sewing it is now wearable. I guess each time I attempt the pattern the fit will improve. It also introduced me to an overlocker / serger for the first time. Luckily Mum has one and was willing to help me with the threading - hooley dooley those things need a lot of cotton! I had no idea. The finish is so much better for it - I especially like the result with using the contrasting orange cotton colour.

Then I had a little run with using fleece fabric. My kids are into comfort clothes at the moment - soft - no itchy or scratchy stuff. Fleece is cheap & I found it super easy to work with. 

These checkered fleece pants are the second pair of Hipsters for Slimsters I've made. I went with a longer leg this time and raised the back so they same up higher over his bum. I can see that the more I make the more I will be able to tweak the patterns for a better fit. The problem I had with these pants was the seams kept popping. My Mum suggested it may the tension on my machine or an incorrect stitch type. Next time I will try to use a slight zigzag instead of straight stitch. I have since used Mums overlocker to run over the seams and had no more popping. I'm starting to see the benefits of the overlocker/serger but finding it hard to justify the purchase cost at this stage.


meg said...

those pants are sooooo rockin! did you use bigger pants to make smaller pants, or just use awesome plaid fabric?

fede said...

thanks meg. the fabric is new but oh so cheap & nasty! I fell in love with the plaid but they went bally after the first wear :) having said this they are still the faves in the wardrobe at the moment for the 3 year old.


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