Thursday, October 20, 2011

#39 Camp in our tent (at least one night)

If you have managed and/or bothered to follow the haphazard progress of my 40 before 40 challenge then you have done extremely well! It was very random I know. Anyway, this if another task that I can cross off the list. But first, I do need to fess up and be honest about things, you see, I am 40 now. Let that one slide by very quietly - life was a bit hectic with a new baby and all - so effectively the challenge is over. Finished. Completed. Have I reported the results? Nope. But I will! Just humour me for a little longer... you're so kind. Thanks.

So getting back to it. Number 39, Camp in our tent (at least one night). When I wrote this list I was pregnant and to be truthful questioned whether this one was going to happen - hence the "at least one night" clause which would enable the tent to be set up in the back yard for a trial sleep over. So that didn't happen before the end of the challenge, but a couple of months later we got to experience the real deal. It was awesome!

DH and I, in our previous life pre children, purchased a camper trailer and took to the road for 3 months for a super adventure. Not the seasoned campers at the time we learnt a lot along the way and by the end could proudly say we were converted. There is something about camping that leaves behind the stresses of everyday life and welcomes relaxation and a carefree spirit. Back to today and the big question on our lips..... would this still be true with 3 children in tow??

Absolutely! Why did we wait so long?


Chapter Forty said...

I love this post. Your photos capture that carefree relaxed lifestyle camping insists on.

fede said...

thanks! it really was a great experience and we are now looking into buying our own camper. getting away from the daily grind worked wonders for us :)


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