Saturday, January 29, 2011

(sitting idle) on my desk

on my desk

Let's hope this is not still on my desk in another month as it has been for the last! I've always wanted to make a circular cushion and have the perfect chair for it in the lounge (although I have been considering that it may look quite cute in the "work in progress" nursery too). Until I actually start chopping into the fabric I'm not sure if the petal design or the panelled design will eventuate.  Liking them both at the moment. What do you think?


Claire Ishino said...

I'm thinking they both look lovely and immediately pictured having the petals on one side and the panels on the other! sorry to suggest more work :D Please post the results (*o*)/

fede said...

Hey Claire - that's a great suggestion.... more work yes... but would make a very versatile pillow - flip it over when you get bored with it :) You've got me thinking now....


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