Tuesday, October 12, 2010

all teary eyed

My beautiful girl started school today.

I couldn't be prouder. She has a contagious joy and energy - such a happy approach to life. She is determined, head strong, loving, courageous, funny and loud. She is our Ruby and we love her.

I'm not afraid to let her go into the world - infact I know she will blossom as she grows and experiences life outside our home, but I'm sad for me. I will miss her. She is my buddy - my pal - we argue - we laugh - we cuddle - we dance. Thankyou Ruby for making my first five years of Motherhood so fulfilling and amazing. You have challenged me, entertained me, surprised me and at times tired me - but most of all you have taught me.

May your school journey be full of adventure.


Jo said...

What a beautiful girl, and what a beautiful post! May she bloom and grow at school!

Barb Fisher - Hopscotch said...

What a beautiful post. It's such a big moment, heading off to school. Suddenly, they don't seem like such little people any more. Times flies way too quickly.


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