Thursday, October 14, 2010

blue motorbikes are cool

I feel like I have started a tradition with the handmade backpack in our family. After making Ruby's Pinky Pegasus bag when she started pre-school I thought it was only fair that the young fella get the same special treatment on his first day at 4 year old Kindy. While Ruby's favourite descriptive word these days is "pretty" or "beautiful", everything to Sachin is "COOL". When quizzed what he'd like for his backpack, he decided he'd be pretty happy with a "cool blue motorbike". So this is what he got!

The fabrics used for both the kids bags were a gift from my sister (thanks Lorrin) a couple of years ago after living in Uganda, Africa. Other than the fact they fray like crazy (especially when you are stupid enough to cut holes in the wrong place after the bag has been sewn up) they are a great heavy weight fabric.

So off Sachin went to Kindergarten today for the first time. It sure has been an exciting week for the young members of this family!

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