Thursday, September 23, 2010

KCWC | half way

I'm playing along again with Meg's Kids Clothes Week Challenge  - check out her Elsie Marley blog for the list of over 300 other players. You can also see pics of what people have been making here in Meg's Flickr group. The challenge is to sew for 1 hour each night for a week and make clothes for children. Earlier in the year I played and knocked out a few winter items and couldn't resist the challenge again.

Sewing each night is proving to be difficult at the moment so I made use of a child free day yesterday and finished 3 of the 4 pieces I was aiming for.

Both of these dresses use the Raglan Shift Dress pattern from Whole Grain Baby. The house fabric was a cheapie found at IKEA for $3 (Aus) a metre. Ruby just loves rabbits and was smitten when she first saw the dress with the appliqued bunny. She told me this morning that it was one of her favourite dresses but not her most ever favourite - that belongs to the $5 special Grandma picked up at Target..... oh well!! 

A boy can never have too many shorts in his wardrobe and I love long ones. Good for protecting knees with all the falls that inevitably happen (not so good for the size of my mending pile). These ones are made from a light weight corduroy and I used a really old pattern that belonged to Mum in the 1970's from Knitwit. Given the pattern was designed for use with stretch fabrics is suits Sachin's slim build which lends itself to a straight fit.

This morning Miss Ruby headed off to Kindergarten for the last time. Another little milestone in her journey. Of course it was deemed important that she wear her favourite (but not most ever favourite) dress to Kindy and style it up for the cold day that it is. I can't be sure..... but I think she may have been a tad excited about both the dress and the day ahead :)

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Anonymous said...

This house dress is so cute and looks very comfy! I wanted to let you know that I included this on my link love today!


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