Saturday, July 17, 2010

boy versus girl bedroom

Sharing a bedroom is a lot of fun for our 2 youngsters, but decorating the room has proven to challenge me. As a result it is still a work in progress.

Ruby is an almost 5 year old young lady who loves all things pretty & girly. Sachin on the other hand is a 3.5 year old boy who has recently had a clash with testosterone.... much to my shock & surprise! My gentle sweet fella is turning into a karate chopping, motorbike crazy, cheeky but oh so hilarious little monster.

Over the last year there have been sporadic decorating additions to the room which seem to have (quite unconsciously) evolved the space into a half & half boy v's girl design. I had dreamed that I could avoid such sexist typecasting but I resign to the fact that this is the reality of our society. There is only so much influence we can have on our children with the idea of non-gender play when there is a whole world out there that suggests otherwise. Ruby is soon to start school where girls will be girls and boys will be boys. She already announced to me yesterday that she doesn't like playing with boys anymore, apparently, they are "boring"!

Anyway, getting back to the decorating dilemma.

A recent addition to the room on Sachin's side is this bunting which I made double sided with girly fabrics on the reverse. In truth it was designed as a birthday party decoration but we thought it was too much fun to pack away.

I picked up a couple of embroidery rings from the op shop (thrift store) and framed some favourite vintage fabrics. You may recognise the letters fabric in the large ring from here.

It may be in need of a little TLC, but I'm super excited about my latest find from our local second hand shop. I think it will be perfect to display a mix of quirky things in the children's bedroom - all those little toys that are constantly getting lost around the house. Roof restoration required. Until then, it makes me smile every time I look at it sitting on the dining room floor. Simple pleasures.

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