Tuesday, July 20, 2010

butterfly, batman & bunnies

We have recently acquired a set of face paints.

The face painting has lead to dressing up. Lots of dressing up. They make me laugh!

I read back my last blog post and realised that I sounded like I have issues with girls being girls and boys being boys. If I can please clarify. What I was trying to say is that I wish children weren't taught to act a certain way based on their gender. I believe that every child should be encouraged to play with and play as whatever they choose. As a Mum I try to demonstrate to my children that we can be whatever we dream of - male or female/boy or girl makes no difference. I was never the best student at school when it came to english & literature.... nothing has changed! Maybe I should just stick to the arty stuff :)

1 comment:

kim @ stellacake said...

love those bunnies! (my kids would never sit still long enough, I'm afraid!)


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