Wednesday, June 23, 2010

moving on: Ebay style

So I'm having a clean out. A big one. It is a family trait to hoard things... I'm fighting the desire to hold on to each and every piece of clothing my children have owned. Ridiculous really. The cupboards are full and bursting at the seams so it's time to minimise.

If you are in Australia - in the need for baby/children's clothes - fine with the idea of recycling - then check out my Ebay auctions. It's a work in progress. I keep adding more every couple of days. Over the last week I've been sorting backwards starting from most recent clothes. Yesterday I made it to the first bag of baby clothes and ... well... that was interesting. Opening that bag was like opening the memory gate... it quite surprisingly took me somewhere I didn't expect and found myself in quite an emotional state. Totally didn't see it coming!! Let's just say I may be holding on to those ones a little while longer :)


kim @ stellacake said...

oh (*groan*) this has been on my to do list as well. how do you summon up the bother, as I have no idea where to start!

fede said...

I know I know!! It has taken a lot of effort - yet to find out if it has been worth while?? Feels good to off load tho'.... sigh :)

Clare&Frank said...

Next time you should try
Tot Shop and
Adelaide Baby Bargains
on facebook.... no fees and all local so people can pick up! :D

Hope you did well...


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