Tuesday, June 1, 2010

playroom love

I go through stages of feeling love & hatred for our downstairs playroom. On the up side, it is downstairs and that is a big tick in the box. This means all of the crap stays downstairs (well that's the grand plan anyway) and we get to have an adult living room free of night time clutter. Tick. Secondly we are very lucky to have the space to afford a dedicated play room where the kids can spread their wings and enter in and out the house from the back yard. Muddy boots and all (the carpet was already trashed when we arrived so that's the way it will stay for a while longer).

On the downside, the amount of stuff that gets accumulated down there is ridiculous! Out of mind out of sight. Yesiree. The problem is that it gets in such a state that the kids can't find anything to play with amongst the mass of toys all mixed up and in a jumble. Enter Mum. Goodbye 2 hours. Hello playroom, don't you look fun! Let's start back at the beginning.

Today we started again. Back to the clean, organised state that I wish I had the energy to keep it in every day. I know in theory I should be teaching the kids to tidy the play room at the end of the day, but in reality that just doesn't happen regularly enough to create a routine.

I've planned to get the dress up play area into order for a long time now. The clothes & accessories were all packed away in a vintage suitcase, which looked lovely, but was just not practical for child play. Yesterday we picked up a clothes rack at Ikea for $14 and hung a market find coat rack that had been in storage. This weekend we plan to finish the job and install a mirror so the lovelies can admire themselves in all their glory. Sweet. I think they are pretty happy with the progress so far.

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