Thursday, April 1, 2010

fede in the press


This is the first time my mug has appeared in the printed press which made it a very exciting experience for this little maker. The telephone interview was quite nerve wrecking and I'm sure I waffled and waffled.... and then waffled some more!! Nervous energy makes me babble. Lucky for me the ears of a professional waffle sifter were at the other end to make sense of it all.

I am very grateful to all of you folk from Victoria (home of the Herald Sun) who have made contact with me and/or purchased toys from my online shop. Your response has been overwhelming and very flattering.

Thankyou to Louise and Joanne at the Herald Sun Home Magazine for putting it all together.

I will be uploading new toys and a hand full of new cushions into the shop over the next few days - products of my recent "making" frenzy!!

Also to come are photos of last weekends fabulous Bowerbird Bazaar......


Mainichi said...

Yeah Fi! Great article....doesn't sound like you waffled at all!

Anonymous said...

well done big sis. you are famous!! i'll get the botswana gazette to give you a call!!! hope the bizarre went well.


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