Sunday, March 21, 2010

the kitchen is finally finished

Yay! Only 18 months after it started!!!

We love it. We spend so much time in our kitchen - cooking, eating, chatting, crafting, cleaning, drinking, entertaining, colouring, planning......... It truly is a multi-tasking space where we congregate.

Here's a pictorial journey from start to finish.

After sitting in the sunny diner one morning for a coffee I immediately decided it just had to stay. See here for the kitchen floor plan & design ideas.

we boxed around the original diner seats with new joinery

it may not be conventional, but it did the trick!

the splashback appeared 1 year later....

and the diner table was finally fitted last week - it's a hit with the whole family!!

1 comment:

Barb Fisher said...

It's gorgeous! You must be so happy to finally have it done. I love the built in diner and particularly the fabric. One question - where is your fridge??


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