Thursday, April 1, 2010

my lovely bluestone

I've been planning and dreaming about this wall for about a year now. Today it came to life & I'm totally smitten. It's just a stone wall you may say - but to me it is a work of art. I suspect I may be having a love affair with it for quite some time.

Renovating can be trying at times when you don't have the right people on board, but when you get lucky it can be an utter joy. We are thankful to have found the diversely skilled Neil - a trusty man of many trades. He has almost been a permanent fixture here over the last 6 months, doing everything from building brick walls to paving and now the stone book leaf walling, followed by laying irrigation & turf.

The curved wall will step down into a grassed lawn area. It will be so nice to see some life and greenery in our dry dusty back yard. Given we are using roll out cut turf it will be instant colour. Another week and a bit to wait but it's all action and great to see so much production happening outside. With a 4 day weekend ahead of us for Easter it should mean lots of time spent in the great outdoors.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy lots & lots of yummy chocolate. I know I will!

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