Friday, March 5, 2010

my talking fabrics

When I spend a lot of time in my sewing room my brain starts to go into overdrive. My fabrics are all sitting out on their shelves and simultaneously yelling out ....."pick me...pick me". Yes! You may be right - perhaps I am borderline crazy (some may say genius??) but it is infact working for me in a creative way. The only problem I have with these talking fabrics is that they all inspire me at the same time and then I get all confused and leave the room with about 100 new design ideas. I need 100 assistants to help put it all into action.

Never the less I have managed to work through a couple of new ideas which I plan to test drive at the upcoming Bowerbird Bazaar.

Cushions - back where it all started a long time ago. I'm feeling the love again and hope to build up a little range. I'm currently drooling over vintage pillowcases I find while thrifting and the panel cushion is my version of granny chic (with just a bit of masculinity to make it not too fru fru).

Rainbow Utensils. Mix 'n Match softies in plain colours. The buyer gets to pick the colour combinations of their choice. To give you an idea of their size the knife is about 30cm / 1 foot in length. All going well I will be making them available in my Etsy shop some time in April.

1 comment:

Connie Cheung said...

These tools are so cute. How clever!! I am also from Adelaide. Will go to the market tomorrow.


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