Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm taking the plunge

Do you remember when I was contemplating taking part in the Stitches and Craft Show? I did a lot of thinking about it and decided in the end it was too risky for a first time market experience. This year I plan to be a buyer and maybe then a seller in 2011.

images courtesy of Bowerbird Bazaar

Instead, I'm joining forces with the fabulous Fiona of Hop Skip Jump and will be presenting myself and my toys at the next Bowerbird Bazaar, held in Adelaide this March. I am very excited to be sharing a stand with Fiona, whom I have long suspected was separated from me at birth. See here for further explanation. A big hello and welcome if you have popped over from the other Fiona's blog.

The Bowerbird Bazaar is a relatively new design market, held for the first time in Adelaide last October (2009). It is the brain child of 2 local business women, Jane Barwick of In-Sync Design and Rebekah Cichero, of One Small Room. For pics of last years event see here, courtesy of

So what this has done is make me into a mad crazy deadline driven sewing mama. Go Go Go!

If you are local then you really must mark this in your diary. Come and say hi!

BOWERBIRD BAZAAR - Adelaide's Design Market
March 26th - 28th 2010
Queens Theatre, Playhouse Lane, Adelaide

It has also motivated me to attend to an item that has been on my to-do list for at least 12 months. A sewing tutorial to make a fede baby hammer rattle. I will be making them available for the first time at the market in the form of a sewing kit, with cut fabric included. All going well I hope to then make a PDF tutorial/ebook that can be purchased online. Here's a sneaky peek.....


Mainichi said...

Hooray! Go Fi x 2! Or is that Fi squared??!! xx

Jill said...

Hi Fiona

I'm just beginning to explore the world of blogs and have been having a good look around yours! What fantastic stuff you make! Good luck with the craft bazaar, I'm sure your fabric tools will be a bit hit!
Looking back through your posts, I particularly love your pillowslip dress, am definitely going to try that one out! and loved reading about the sofa make-over you did with your mum! My mum's coming to visit me soon and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into some fabric projects with her!

Thanks for the inspiration, I'm off to check out flickr, as recommended by you!


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