Sunday, February 7, 2010

5 little duckies

Well there will be 5 little washcloth duckies when I'm done. One more to go. With a new nephew, Ashton Jacob, born in January I have been busy in the sewing room making things for a baby package. My two busy bees spotted the duckies in process and couldn't understand why they weren't for them. So the duckie family grew to four. Then along came older cousin Krystin and before I knew it there was another duckie request. No surprises really - they are very cute!

The tutorial is here, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

One word of advice. Be sure to sew those wings on super tight. We had a casualty after the first day with one little duckie looking a little lop sided and sad. Having said this, Sachin, my 3 year old, did feel the need to take the duckie everywhere, all day and all night. Bless him.


Chloe' said...

they're so adorable! Im not surprised they've been so popular with the little'uns :o)

kim said...

Ha - very cute! Great job!

meg said...

they are super cute. do they make good bathtoys? because there is an awful lot of plastic in our tub.

fede said...

Hey meg - yes they do make good bath toys but be prepared for soggy wet bombs... well atleast that's how my 2 decided they were best put to use!


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