Monday, October 19, 2009

stitches and craft

Oooh ah... I just found out the Stitches and Craft Show is coming to Adelaide in March next year!

I remember following a couple of crafty girls last year (Onegirl and Kirin Notebook) as they prepared and experienced the Melbourne show and I seem to recall feeling a few twinges of envy.... damn it's always the Eastern states that have all the fun!! For those of you not from Australia, the Eastern states include Victoria (capital Melbourne), New South Wales (Sydney) and Queensland (Brisbane). Little old Adelaide often gets missed (we are comparatively small) .... but I'm sure we can be big on creativity.

I'm feeling
inclined to take part in the show next year - would be great to meet other local indie sellers and get feedback from face to face buyers. Up until now my only outlet has been online so it's appealing. However.... there is a lot of work to be done if this is to happen. Need to get my branding sorted, business cards, new bells (not happy with the ones I am using), look into wool fill as an alternative to polyester, bring the new ideas that have been floating around in my head into fruition (includes tutorials and sewing kits) and get sewing.....more more more stock.... oh dear... there is a lot to do!! Am I up for it??? This I shall ponder for a few weeks.... or should I just bite the bullet and book my space? Decisions. Decisions.

While talking about Adelaide, last weekend
the first Bowerbird Bazaar was held in the old Queen's Theatre. A new event, it "showcases design driven art and wares by Australian designer/makers". See here for a snapshot summary of participants. I didn't get there myself but will be looking out for the next event dates and marking it in BOLD on my calender!


Mainichi said...

I say "bite the bullet" and sign up! You can do it, yay!!

Thea said...

Just do it! I did the Melbourne one last year and got a couple of wholesale accounts from it and made heaps of new crafty friends. Of course I did my hometown (Brisbane) one too. Adelaide should be supported by the local crafters too.


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