Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm working in the background

January has flown by. I have been working away in my sewing room and taking lots of photos which should mean that I'm here regularly sharing stuff with you.... but alas..... I'm a lazy ass!

Having darling husband at home means that I have absolutely no routine - every day is like a weekend - which I admit is fine and dandy but I'm just about ready now to get things back into order (don't laugh... I will). Kids are back into kindy this week so there is no excuse.

I've been having a great time so far with the 365 Project and finding lots of inspiration in the work of other more skilled photographers. Some of the other participants have amazing software knowledge and pull off some clever special effects - something I can aim to learn over the coming year.

Last year I accidentally discovered a huge shed of second hand furniture / bric-a-brac just up the road from our house. I popped in with the kids a couple of weeks ago to see what was new and found these gems.

I just love the lines and veneer in this piece. The guys in the shop told me it's a Danish miniature but I'm not sure how reliable that information is?? I think it's beautiful and have taken ownership of it as my bedside table.

This vintage outdoor setting will eventually go up on our balcony but requires a couple of minor alterations first. I love the linen fabric which is original from the 1950's but it's almost at the end of it's life. If I could rescue it I would but not sure how? It has become very thin with wear on top and started to split. I can see it will only be a matter of time before little fingers find their way into the hole and well, then it's all over! New upholstery will most certainly be required.


kim said...

Great finds! That fabric is fantastic!

Barb Fisher said...

Oh I'm so jealous of your vintage finds! That credenza you are using as your bedside table is to die for.

What a shame that fabulous fabric is not salvageable. Maybe you can have the setting re-upholstered in something relatively plain, then get your upholsterer to make you some cushions out of any fabric pieces in good enough condition?

Barb Fisher - Hopscotch said...

PS - I just love your carpet Fiona. Can I ask what brand it is?

fede said...

I like your idea about using the vintage fabric for cushions - thanks Barb!

On the other note (carpet) I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it's a discontinued range called "barcode" by Godfrey Hirst. It's the second house I've installed it in and this time I got the end of the run. Sorry!

janet Clare said...

I can't believe my eyes! The fabric on the sofa is exactly the same as my lounge curtains. Which I found in a charity shop. And I live in England.

Small world.

fede said...

Hi Janet
How about that? I bet your fabric is probably in better condition than my poor seats. I wonder who it was made by?


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