Friday, January 1, 2010

studio G is for me

Oooh I just have to share with you this "new to me" blog I found while searching Google Images for some garden inspiration. I'm in love. I just want to sit here all night reading through the archive of posts on landscape ideas, products and designs. The author is Rochelle Greayer, a landscape designer who runs her own boutique design firm in Harvard, Massachusetts in the US.

She does a series of posts titled "can you make this into a garden?" one of which features this fashion sketch.
I think her concepts are clever and this "Chartreuse Garden Party" in particular is doing it for me - yes it's my favourite colour!!

Click here to read the article.

You know I'm quite new to this whole garden thing but I'm very excited to learn as much as I can and get my hands dirty as soon as our hard landscaping is finished (I'll show you some progress pics soon). I'm not sure at what stage I will be certified as a real gardener, but when I am I think I shall reward myself with one of these little beauties.

Growing Jewellery - a mini garden for your finger!

Now I'm just going to show you this table, designed by young designer Fredrik Paulsen, because it is soooooo groovy..... and I want one! I'm dreaming. There's no harm in that. I can imagine it at bar height out in the garden amongst the trees. Something to lean on while enjoying a cold beer in the summer heat. Yep, definitely dreaming.

So anyway, if you enjoy a little outdoor style then go check out Studio G.

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rochelle at Studio 'g' said...

wow fiona! I am so glad you found me. Seems we have so much in common - I too am a fabric junkie (a trait inherited from my mother), designer type, mom, creative....etc. etc. Thanks for your kind words and I am so happy you are enjoying studio 'g'. happy new year!


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