Thursday, November 26, 2009

xmas giveaway

Ho Ho Ho
The festive season is here and I'm in the mood to giveaway fede toys to two lucky readers.

In fact I'm feeling so warm and fuzzy, I'm going to let you take your pick from my shop here (select your favourite $20 toy) and leave me a message with the details as listed below.

I'll be picking the names out of my Santa hat and announcing the winners here on Tuesday December 1st, one for a boy and one for a girl.

Please remember to leave me the following details
1. your name
2. the toy you wish to receive
3. is it for a boy or girl

Good luck!


Caroline said...

Ooh! So fun!

My name is Caroline Moore. Nice to meet you!

I love this girls' hammer rattle:

My daughter was not born to construction-savvy parents, so she could use all the help she can get. ;)

Thank you so much!

Beth said...

Whoa, what an awesome shop you have!!

I am Beth, and I love creating things for children too! I love your baby hammers!
I have a toddler and a baby boy, and well my toddler isnt fond of getting hit with a hard plastic hammer by his little brother :)One of your soft hammers would be so great!
Thanks for the chance at a wonderful giveaway!

Digital Misfit said...

I love the plush tools - so cute and creative.
My favorite is the sweet red and blue hammer with the duckies. It would be very much loved by my new grandnephew, Kameron. His daddy is a very handy guy, so lil Kam will need some starter tools.


Hot Fudge said...

Wouldn't you know it? Our latest little grandson at 6 months would ADORE chomping away on this rattle:

His dad would be chuffed to have a man toy in the house as well!

meg and em said...

wow they are so cute!! loved looking at all of them

my name is Emily, hello!!

i really liked the first axe baby rattle

it'll be for a little girl!

kim said...

Looks like you had a great holiday! My favourite is the spanner -my littlest boy Charlie would love one of these I'm sure!

Keep up the excellent work!

Chloe' said...

First of all, your shop's awesome! (^_^)

My name is Chloe Livingstone - hey there :o)

This is my fave little hammer rattle!

It'll be for a little boy, our baby J !(^_^)


~love said...

hi, i'm Love! i adore the little girl's hammer. and though it'd be for our little girl, i think she'd share w/ her 'twin' brother. thank you!

vaverine said...

My little darling NEEDS a baby hammer (I love this pattern: Her mama and papa are trying to be really gender conscious, and I think this would be just perfect as a salute to their efforts :)

vaverine at yahoo dot com

Meninheira said...

Hi :)

Your work is superfunny!! :) I love the "First Axe (Baby Rattle)" and it's for my litle man ;)

Meni from Spain

meninheira at gmail dot com

Lil' Miss Polkadot said...

What a lovely shop !!
Love the fact that you have real boys toys ;-)

I like this one most !

For my boy....i think he would love it !

My name is nanda...

Fingers crossed ;-))

JaMean said...

How fun! my name is Janine. I LOVE your Geoff the blue giraffe... :)

Our favorite toy is the First Axe. TOO cute! It would be for a girl :)

Thanks for a fun contest!

missyt_2000 said...

My name is Missy Terrell. You have so many adorable things!!

I love the girls hammer rattle

This is my babies first Christmas and I think this will be a lovely addition! She loves anything that makes noise!

Clare said...

My name is Clare

I love your baby hammers especially this one:

And it would be for a boy.

Thank you.

Hayley said...

I love your shop! My name is Hayley and I would love the girls hammer rattle! My little girl would love it if we could keep it away from her 2 older brothers!

Katie said...

These are super cute!! I love the First Hammer (Baby Rattle).

And I actually don't know if it will be for a boy or a girl. One of my best friends is pregnant and the gender is still a surprise!

wintam said...

I'm Tammy and I can't tell you how delighted Eli, my grand-nephew (That's how you call your nephew's son, right?) would be if he has the orange-dot First Hammer! then he can show his dad how to be a real handyman... (-:

Fit for a Child said...

Wow, what a great idea these are! I love the Little Hammer rattle in brown with the bird. It would be for a very happy little girl! My name is Kaycee, nice to meet you!

iloveyouhecried at gmail dot com

erin, maker of chimes said...

Such fun fabrics!

Love the Spanners... oh, and the forks/spoons too!

I'd have to say "gender neutral" b/c we don't know yet!

jakiesmom said...

nancy lara
i love the little girls hammer with the russian dolls on it
it's for a girl
Thanks for the chance

Michelle said...

My favorite is the blue and red first hammer. They are all super cute! I would give it to my niece.

mandm_2002 at hotmail dot com

Mainichi said...

Hi Fe
as instructed here is my selection:

an axe to add to my boys collection from FEDE! Thanks! xDee

info (at) mainichi dot com

4smartmonkeys said...


I'm Rebecca. I love your tools, they are great. My fav is the dinosaur print hammer. My son would love this, he loves using daddy's hammer. Yours would be easier on the furniture :)
Thanks for a great giveaway!!


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