Thursday, November 26, 2009

5 weeks?? no way!

Ok yes I concede it has been 5 long weeks since I've popped in to share my wisdom with you..... err hem.... which should mean that I have a super informative, intelligent post to write today. Should mean. But what it actually means is that I have so many things swimming in my head that I really don't know where to start. Here's my attempt at a summary.

1. Spent 12 wonderful nights on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland - swimming, theme-parking, eating, drinking, walking & lots of laughing

2. Man of the house resigned from his job and has now spent a total of 34 consecutive days at home with us - all good!! I'm not one of those wives to complain when he's home..... I love it. After all, he is my best friend and we work well together as a team. It's just such a shame one of us has to earn an income... lottery win would be handy!

3. Decided to stretch Christmas to it's full potential this year and put the Christmas Tree up on November 15th (day after our Xmas Pageant). Why not? The kids are so excited... it's contagious

4. Outside renovations have started.... yay! Today is day 4, fence posts are going in as we speak.

5. Had an interview with the Herald Sun for an upcoming article about me & my toys... stay tuned

6. Sachin fell out of the car on his face (yep hands didn't get there) and looked like a patchwork for a few weeks

7. Adelaide had a unseasonal record heatwave for November with 10 days over 30 degrees (Celsius) and the hottest ever November day at 43 degrees (109.4 F)

8. The new golf club baby rattles finally made it into my fede shop

9. The beautiful glass mosaic splashback has been installed in the kitchen (only took 12 months) - thanks Frank! Yes, I love it. Photos will come soon.

10. Sachin learnt to ride his bike, pee on the toilet & use the computer mouse all in one week!

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Mainichi said...

Yay Fi! Welcome back, thanks for the update on life in FeDe land! can't wait to hear all about the upcoming article.


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