Friday, October 9, 2009

to market to market

I've just discovered The Cool Hunter and let me tell you there is a lot to discover! If you like to be inspired by design & innovation then this will get your groove on.

Check out this amazing building designed by Willy Muller Architects - it's the Barcelona Flower Market. I'd be shopping for flowers every weekend if I lived in Barcelona! I like the fact that the vertical bands of colour were inspired by ariel views of flower fields.

Also on The Cool Hunter I found this Vila Sofa store in Amsterdam designed by Tjep. It looks like a cross between Interior and Set Design. Not surprisingly the brand Vila Sofa is positioned a little like IKEA where products are warehoused on site and reasonably priced. In addition to the simple use of just four colours (red, white, grey, black) I also love the clever cutouts in the facade - oh that chandelier!

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