Thursday, October 1, 2009

my name is fiona and I'm....

a . f a b r i c . j u n k i e

OK OK so now it's out. Isn't that the first step to recovery?

...only, hang on.... I DON'T WANT TO RECOVER!

Oops. Sorry for yelling at you. I just wanted to make that point very clear.

So this is the thing. When I should be doing more productive, important things I often find myself standing in front of the fabric shelves admiring my collection like it is one of my babies. Sad but true. There is a rainbow of colours and textures, big prints and little prints, textiles of old and new and they all make me smile.

I've been selfishly enjoying them all to myself for long enough now. It's time to open my collection to the world! Well, how about to the few of you who would like to have a gander.

Today I have started to create a photo record of some of my fave vintage fabrics that have been found in op-shops (thrift stores). Absolutely my favourite way to buy them. You get both the thrill of discovery and an affordable price tag. What's not to love?

At some stage down the track I will post more of my collection. Don't know when - you know me - not the most disciplined or regular blogger, but I will do it, someday :)


Mainichi said...

Hmmm that poker playing piece looks familiar! Thanks for sharing, I sympathise with your addiction. :) Dx

Kailee Hankins aka MissMelodyMaker said...

YEs i to have problem
I love Etsy

Bird Bath said...

oh I know exactly....I'm hopelessly obsessed with vintage fabrics. The last couple of weeks have seen my stockpile grow with a few lovely new additions. Seems I have more fabric than time to sew!!
Thanks for sharing your collection I look forward to seeing a bit more.

BloesemKids said...

totally understandable why you love your fabrics so much! Nice to see a picture of you too :)


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