Saturday, September 26, 2009

cornflower blue

Thanks Meg from elsie marley for organising the Fall Color Week. It's been fun and definitely inspired me to upgrade my camera. Also thanks to everyone who has popped by for a look and for those who left comments, they are always read with much joy. Kim and Carol - thanks for the SLR advise, I think I'm almost ready to take the plunge!

Have a great weekend.

PS. here's my final colour contribution- just adjusted my Etsy Mini in the sidebar to reflect cornflower blue items in my shop.... done now.


Anonymous said...

Deary me, SLR's are tricky. But you can create so many effects, it's worth it. I had a photography class with Keith Carter (he's pretty famous, google him if you want) and I learned a respectable bit of photo info. Sadly, I've forgotten most of it...

PS, I really LOVE cornflower blue.

Laura said...

I wish I hadn't skipped color week, looks fun!

Colors are tricky, technically and philosophically. All those different interpretations for colors based on their words.. And do we really see the same colors?

My mom always says grey, when she means brown. But grey is just an agreement made once upon a time, I guess it can look brown. No wait, then brown wouldn't be brown. Confusing.

kim said...

that is a pretty blue!

fede said...

thanks kim - I think I may have stretched the cornflower blue friendship a little with my interpretation.

But then again - as Laura said - do we really see the same colours???? mmmmmm...... yep, confusing. I call it a creative bending of the rules :)

Fresh - I know what you mean - I studied design many years ago and one of my semesters was on photography - do you think I remember any of the technical stuff??? Nup.


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