Sunday, October 4, 2009

has anyone seen our spring?

We had a taste and teaser of spring weather and now it's gone again. I know it will come back and I should stop being so impatient but.... well.... I'm a little over winter now. Had enough. We want to play outside. Rain is good and thankyou but please come back next year.

With our thoughts on the coming warm weather we've been getting the summer wardrobes ready. Sorting the piles of out-grown winter clothes and making room for bigger new season versions.

I've been wanting to try this pillowslip summer dress idea for a while and yesterday was the day. It was as easy as I had imagined in my head. Cut the open flap end off the pillowslip then seam and run elastic through. Then cut open the bottom closed end and hem to the right length (I added a little ric rac for fun). I made the straps from the leftover fabric cut from the inside flap of the pillowslip.

See, quick and easy and it only cost about $1.50. The pillowslip was an Op-shop (Thirft Store) find for 50c as was the flower button (20c) plus the cost of elastic and cotton.

I think we may be making a few more of these before the summer is out!

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Mainichi said...

that looks great - you are sew clever...tee hee....x


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