Thursday, September 24, 2009


My onlyjustworkingkidsplaywithchestnutcamera is ready for retirement.

When am I going to get my new camera?? This is the question. It has been on the "to buy" list for some time now - I even received money on my last birthday for the purchase. Problem is, I can't decide. It's a digital SLR - that I know.....but which one? I've narrowed it down to Canon or Nikon and...well... any advise or assistance from SLR owners would be much appreciated.

I'm looking at an entry point model - doesn't need bells and whistles - as long as it enables me to take both macro close ups and good spacial images (mainly interior shots). The lens type is a mystery to me - again no need for massive zooms but would like to be able to capture movement and quick snapshots of the kids.

Also there is one other thing. I like a heavier weight camera - it's a personal thing I know but it needs to feel substantial in my hands. I have held my sisters Canon digital SLR and it felt too airy for my liking - is this common to the Canon brand???? Maybe I have just answered my own question??? Mmmmmm

I'll be back tomorrow with PLUM for elsie marley's Fall Color Week.

What type of camera do you use?


kim said...

You have lots of chestnut around! I'd have trouble replacing that lovely camera too - I have never seen one that colour before!

I also stepped up from a compact digital to a digital SLR recently - I chose the Canon 450D (and twin lens kit). I don't remember why I chose the Canon over the Nikon, so that's not very much help to you, but I am really happy with it. Good luck!

Kelly said...

Are those Blundstones? Those were the only kind f shoes my grandpa would wear. Love 'em.

fede said...

Thanks Kim - it just helps to hear that you are happy with the camera - i suspect my sister may have the same model and she too is happy with it. I'd be interested to know if you use both of the lenses?

Hi Kelly! The boots belong to my 2 year old and they are like Blundstones. They are my all time favourite kid shoe - hard wearing, easy to clean & waterproof. I have a girl friend who, like your grandfather, will only wear Blundstones!!

Carol said...

Love the shoes!!

My Hubby bought a Nikon because he didn't like the light weight feel of the cannon but after a couple of years of using it (and being very happy with it) he's now thinking about buying a cannon...he says that there are better deals on the lenses and add on's for the cannon. (Don't know if that helps or not?)


kim said...

Hi again Fiona - yep, I do use both lens. Having a husband who is into sailing and rowing means that he is generally just a tiny speck in a photo, except when I use the 55-250 lens! Fully zoomed the picture is a little wonky, though, and I should invest in a tripod if I insist on using it that way, but I don't want to look too serious! If you didn't think that you were going to use the 55-250 lens though, then probably best just to get the single lens kit option.

The 18-55 lens is great, and is really great for wide and close up shots, and is on the camera 95% of the time.

Happy camera shopping!


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