Friday, September 25, 2009


Er..... plum..... tricky for me. Not a plum person myself so I've struggled to find much around the house. It's kind of cheating but I took this photo of my fandeck from the Wattyl Paints i.d range of interior paint colours. They are all wonderfully muted and moody.

And then I spotted these. My favourite bunch of Australian Natives that I splurge and purchase every few months when I need (and justify that I deserve) a pick me up.

To see an international mix of plums, chesnuts, golden rods, burnt sienas and brick reds hop over here.


Carol said...

I really struggles with plum too!! I like your shots...the plant is stunning what is it?


Ps. I'm having a go at Cornflower Blue too :-)

jenny said...

Love that australian native plant, too. I'd look for an excuse to buy one also!

Plum is such a nice color, shame we don't see it more often, really.

See you tomorrow with your cornflower blue entry! :o)


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