Wednesday, January 21, 2009

swirly icecream hats

I know I know....2 posts in one day. If I don't pop this one in now I know I'll forget tomorrow.

While stopping by to read a little Madeline & Levi, AKA My Boy & Me I stumbled on these quirky felt hats designed by Amy, one half of the brains behind Baby Rocks Mohawks. You can find them in her Swirly Hats Etsy shop here for US$25 each.

Do you think Mums could wear them too???


Audrey said...

Those are cute!! However I don't think I could get my teenage sons to wear them. (LOL)

Anonymous said...

that's so cute! :-)

Madeline said...

Don't you just love those?!!! I so want a matching set--one for me and one for the little fella'!

Hurrayic said...

such sweet hats


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