Wednesday, January 21, 2009

frog cakes

Coming home to South Australia has been a rewarding experience for the whole family. For me, I love reminiscing about my childhood and seeing my kids enjoy the things I remember so fondly.

Let me introduce you to our Frog Cake.

It is made by a local bakery, Balfours, and was first created in the 1920s when tearooms were popular. It's made of a sponge cake square coated in jam (the frog's body) topped with cream (the frog's head) and finished with a sticky fondant icing. The original frog cake was green, but is now also available in pink and brown.

It really is an Adelaide icon. Check out the Facebook fan club here, especially the frog wedding cakes!

Yesterday Ruby tackled her first Frog Cake. First of many I suspect.


Madeline said...

Those are so cute! I can see why they have such a following.

Anonymous said...

omigosh!!! do u hav a recipe for these its my mums birthday soon and these are hes ABSOULUTE BEST and id loovvvee to make her some


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