Sunday, July 20, 2008

what a lot of fun!

It is with a little sadness that we wrap up the 6 week Colour Challenge. Can I just say that I have really enjoyed myself and thankyou to everyone who found the time to participate. I don't know about the rest of you, but it sure has increased my productivity and allowed me to experiment more freely with colours and designs. Hey, I've even made my first item of "little" clothing. It's the green & PINK striped pants I previously mentioned. I'm pretty pleased for a first attempt but then again it was a very simple pattern (thanks Mum). By no means perfect but that always leaves plenty of room for improvement. Typically for me I couldn't just follow the pattern (no that would be too simple). I had to complicate the process by adding the corduroy cuffs. They turned out to be particularly fiddly and tricky for a novice such as myself, but with a little nudging and tucking I think I may have pulled it off!

So to celebrate the past 6 weeks of super productivity here's a showcase of my favourite pieces from the other very talented colour challengers.

Images L-R numbered 1-9

1 & 7. Treasurefield
2. Wiccked
3. Glady & Cloudy
4. Beading in the Dark
5 & 9. Hot Fudge
6. Elements By Dawn 8. Daisychain Jewellery

Infact I've enjoyed the process so much that I'm already thinking about the next 6 week challenge! It's currently still just an idea floating around in my head but it may involve a little "re-loving" of old materials.... with maybe a swap......mmmm.... or something along those lines????? With a busy couple of weeks ahead of me I'm required to concentrate on a few deadlines but after that I'll be ready and willing to play the next round. So if you're up for a creative challenge stay tuned for more details.


treasurefield said...

My sentiments, too!

The pants are great! My son would have loved them at that age; he was crazy about pink. He had several pink shirts.

Love the photo mosaic! It was fun seeing what others were up to, and I like this at-a-glance picture.

Definitely let me know what you have in mind for future challenges!

Take care!
~alisa R.

Jo said...

I've really enjoyed the challenge too - it's made me use some materials that I've had hoarded away! Thanks for suggesting all this.
Jo x

Hot Fudge said...

Thank you so much for introducing such a wonderful challenge. Who would have thought that so much could be created over six weeks? Yes, I would be most interested in your next challenge. Oh, and I LOVE the pink pants!



GladyCloudy said...

Hi Fede, I just want to say thank you for setting up the Color Challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in it as well as seeing what other participants came up with. And it actually helped me to become more productive as well (less time used when deciding which fabric to use for my next project...). Looking forward to know about your future challenges!

Helen said...

oh! If you come up with another challenge or swap, count me in! I've always wanted to participate in one of these, but usually stumble across them just as they've finished. You (and others) have come up with some great stuff here. :)

the camp said...

just spotted you on etsy...i love your wares.



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