Friday, August 1, 2008

mr gecko gets pampered

Just a quick visit to say Hi. I feel like I've dropped out of the blogging world this last week (yeah ...that's probably because I have). My mind & hands have been preoccupied over in the land of Etsy stocking my shop as I have been the Featured Seller over the last couple of days. Woo hoo!! What a lucky girl I am.... a surprised one too as I never expected that to happen.

A big thankyou to everyone who have been so kind to email me with well wishes. I hope to respond to each of you over the next few days when things calm down a little.

Being a Mum can be a hard job some days, especially when you are trying to balance work & family. However, being a Mum is mostly a wonderful gift & a real privilege. Little people have this amazing spirit and joy that can be so refreshing in this world of rush rush rush & stress stress stress.

Today we found a little gecko in the drain in our backyard and decided it needed to be relocated back to the garden to find it's Mummy & Daddy. Miss Ruby (almost 3) volunteered to take responsibility for the well being of Mr Gecko and carried it out to one of our many thriving beds of weeds. Ruby decided he required a few home comforts so he wouldn't be scared all by himself. Out came her 3 favourite Rabbits (all named "Rae"), followed by 2 little ponies and an elephant. Finally to completely settle Mr Reptile it was deemed necessary that I read him our current favourite "Charlie & Lola" book. What a lucky gecko!!! What a lucky Mum :)

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Hot Fudge said...

Maybe Miss Ruby would like to come and relieve us of some of our resident geckos - it's gecko heaven up here. What a little darling she is to be so concerned.


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