Friday, July 4, 2008

red means stop!

RED - I have taken this weeks colour literally and stopped. Oops.

Not "made by me" but a red collection of images & objects created by other talented folk on Flickr.

Anyway, I still officially have 2 days to come up with red so you never know. Off to the footy tonight & catching up tomorrow afternoon with the Adelaide Etsy sellers. Can't wait for that as it's a first get together for all of us.

Here's a quick pic of the house we have just purchased. Must dash now to feed & bath little ones but when I have more time I'll put together a little package of photos. We call her our "diamond in the rough" as she has good bones but needs a lot of TLC.


*Laura Pereira said...

hey! I loved your work!!! So sweet to make fabric and smooth hammers!! fork and spoon, lolipop..everything is so nice... :)))

michvanetta said...

Congratulations on your new home - how exciting. Hope your family is all back to normal, health wise.

xx Mich

Hot Fudge said...

I'm so pleased you got the home of your dreams. May you and your family spend many happy years there.



Bird Bath said...

hi, just found your blog via bloesom kids...we are in adelaide too. Your plushies are lovley and whimsical :)
the house looks like it could polish up very nicely.


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