Tuesday, July 8, 2008

today on my desk

Given I didn't get back to post my red item (that's me trying to pretend I did one...ha ha) I thought I'd show you my work in progress for this green week.

My process (if you can call it that) for designing & making my toys goes like this:

1 Play with fabric combinations. I mean PLAY. This can be a very lengthy process. Generally I have a loose idea in mind as to the style of the toy. ie. it may be for a boy or girl, subtle or loud in colour & pattern, quirky or conservative. I am very easily distracted - I'll spot a fabulous scrap of fabric that I haven't seen for a while and head off on a totally unrestrained direction trying to figure out how I can use it. This is why the colour challenge has been good for me by tightening the parameters of my fabric fossick.

2 I usually will try to create a minimum of 2 toys at a time. Cut the fabrics.

3 Sew together inside out (leaving a 1 inch opening) and then turn out and smooth seams.

4 Stuff with fill, insert bell and hand sew opening (in front of TV)

The entire process usually takes me several days & nights as I get to do little spurts at a time. If I'm lucky I get an hour during the day while sleeping beauties have retired to their rooms, then an hour or two at night when the house is quiet.

I managed to get these 3 almost completed yesterday from scratch. Just a little hand sewing is required to finish (that's tonights feet up on the sofa job). My mind was still in the red week (feeling a twinge of guilt) but also thinking about the current green challenge. End product = green + red. I like this combination - it's fun and unisex.

Today I wrapped and posted this customised car cushion for Andre's first birthday present. Hope he likes it :) His Mum is a pretty funky momma and a lover of green hence the colour choices - check out her Etsy shop here.


Jo said...

Oh I love your car cushions! I'm about to redecorate my little boy's room with a car theme so I think I'll be contacting you about sending a cushion to the UK!
I guess I'm not the only one who didn't post any red pictures then. I did make something, honest, but I can't post it yet as it's a commission!

Hot Fudge said...

I really love the cushion and it certainly fits into the Green Week theme very snugly!

treasurefield said...

Beautiful! I like reading about your process. Yes, the "play" part is very important! :)


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