Sunday, June 15, 2008

unfinished blues....

Didn't quite finish my final blue projects. I tried, I really did, but the weekend was just too busy. So I thought I'd show you what I got up to. You'll probably think it looks like one big mess but believe me it is going to be beautiful when it's finished (mmm...maybe that's a little too confident). The photo also does it no justice as I took it tonight with a flash (and we all know flashes on cheap digital cameras don't do a lot for the subject matter). So without any further ado, here's a sneak preview. Description follows.

This is the front panel of a (to be) 45 cm square cushion. The fabric is a cool grey slightly flecked wool (think tailored suit) and the blue circles are crocheted wool (I can take no credit for these little gems) randomly sewn on. Years ago I bought a 1940's vintage skirt painstakingly made from these crocheted circles at an estate sale. The skirt was way too big for me so I knew immediately that it would one day become a project. It has been calling out to me ever since, but always got pushed aside for more "important" jobs. So yay, now it's started! All I have to do is to be sure to finish it.

The other unfinished BLUE thing I'd like to show you is a cushion I created for my little fella, Sachin. While it may appear finished, it is infact missing the most important detail.... the number plate...which will read ...... S A C H I N. I've stalled here as I'm not quite sure how I'm going to apply it. My current thinking is to hand stitch it on. Any other ideas?

Once completed I will be selling them in my etsy store as Custom Items. I'll keep you posted.

Lastly, and still in BLUE theme, I toddled off to a local trash'n'treasure market this morning and had a wow of a time finding lots of goodies. Amongst them I found this book, which is just what I need as a little back-up when I decide to attempt sewing my first item of clothing. For $4- I thought it was value for money!

So to end this wonderful week of blue here's a little showcase of some of the things created by a few of the clever clever colour challengers. If you like what you see please use the links (and those above in the LH column) to pop over and say hello. Tomorrow starts the week of YELLOW....woo hoo!!

Glady & Cloudy says...

"it’s a scarf with soft fleece on one side, and a patchwork of blue cotton fabric strips on the other, I also topped it with some simple free motion quilting."

Treaurefield says.....

"It's been a long time since I did any collage and I'd been wantingto get back to it. I looked through the "blue issue" of SomersetStudios magazine and took notes of things I wanted to try."

Hot Fudge says.....

"I had planned to give them the pair of Trainer Baby Booties which I had on sale in my Etsy shop, but they were sold at the exhibition I am participating in this weekend, so I had to quickly make another pair."

Daisychain Designs says.....

"I'd made the base of the butterfly earlier last week as I've decided to keep a couple of bases for each of my butterflies and daisies in stock, and decided to add turquoise to it to keep with the theme"

UPDATE: To anyone who attempted to read this post in the first hour or two please accept my apologies for the state of the layout. I think I may have just challenged the blogspot world record for number of publishing on one post. You may have heard my bellowing from there!!! Let me just say this can be very frustrating when images & text & spaces will not publish the way they preview! Does anyone else have this problem or just me?


Hot Fudge said...

What a great post. You asked for ideas regarding the number plate on the cute cushion. Have you considered fusible web, such as Vliesofix? I use it a lot for my raw edge appliques on quilts. Once it's ironed on, just machine around the edges to make it secure.

I also have problems with the preview layout differing to what appears in the published post. It's very frustrating, I know, and I have to keep going back to edit it until it comes good.

Now on to Week Yellow!

leslie said...

that pillow is pure genius! really, really sweet : )

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and visit here often - just have never commented - up until now... I don't have a blog - am a stay at home crafting mum and serial blog "lurker".
I love the pillow! I have two boys - so it is lovely to see some funky boy creations. I'll be snapping up a couple for my boys when avaliable!

treasurefield said...

Yes! I get that frustration with the blog layout, but I love what you've done with yours.

Everyone's blue items look terrific! I REALLY had fun with that color and the challenge of it.

Smart thinking with the crochet circles! And I adore the license plate car pillow. What a terrific idea!! hotfudge's plan sounds like a good one, but what do I know about sewing? LOL!

I'll be watching you all this week with the yellows!! :D


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